Coming Home

Coming Home, a teaching memoir, was written for any spiritual seeker searching for a Power greater than ourselves. Author Kathy Spiciarich shares the revelations, truths and powerful spiritual experiences leading to her own enlightenment, as she relays the steps necessary to make the life-changing connection to the Spirit, to Higher Power, to God within.

She teaches you how, by embracing the spiritual landscape, the Spirit within will naturally guide you and direct your steps. Life is a juggling act between deep material hunger and spiritual thirst, and if you feed only the material, your thirst will never be quenched. Once you find God, your soul starts to awaken and flourish.

Faith, gratitude and trust flawlessly set the stage, letting the Spirit guide you through your every breath, and the Universe takes care of the rest. If you listen harder and search deeper you find that no boundaries can confine the Spirit within. You find your own extraordinary path, leading you to your many homes.